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Wondering if You Should Keep Dating?

Updated: Jan 5

Wondering if You Should Keep Dating?

Maybe you’ve been dating for two months.

Or two years.

Maybe you’ve told yourself or friends “I’m just having fun.”

Well, ask yourself - are you really having fun?

My guess is you’re not.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be wondering about a breakup.

People who are happily paired don’t debate a breakup.

They may get annoyed with their partner, but they don’t try to convince themselves to stay.

Another sign that you’re really not having fun is the Pro and Con list.

Do you ever list all the reasons you should keep dating?

I’ve been there.

It was my way of trying to convince myself that everything was fine.

But here’s the truth - the only thing I was doing was wasting time.

I was too afraid of what would happen if I ended things that I spent years with the wrong people.

Luckily, right before I met my husband, I broke up with a guy who displayed serious red flags.

Thank God.

Because if I would’ve kept dating Red Flag dude I never would have met my husband.

So, if you find yourself trying to convince yourself that you need to stay, please chat with me. I can help you find the answer that will benefit you and your love life the most.

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