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The Beauty of Difficult Conversations, Part 2

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Does an anxious feeling keep you from having a conversation with the person you’re dating?

Or, maybe you avoided certain topics with your ex?

If that’s the case, join the club.

I often felt worried about asking certain questions during my two marriages.

About topics like…



Former girlfriends








Mental health

Drugs and alcohol

Old age


Just to name a few!

But then, after my second divorce, everything changed.


I realized I would NEVER get married again unless we talked about everything.


So, I started dating.

And I had lots of anxious feelings.

In fact, if I felt anxious about talking about a topic, that was a sign we needed to have THAT conversation.

And so I had those conversations.

Some of the guys got squirrely. 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️

They avoided.

They diverted.

And then I met my sweetie.

I married him because he answered all my questions.

He was willing to go there.

But guess what?

Before he could go there, I had to.

And your willingness to have difficult conversations is a must, even if you feel awkward.

Your willingness to have difficult conversations is your ticket to paradise.

Have those conversations - especially if you feel awkward.

We hear we should pay attention to our feelings.

That’s true.

But it doesn’t mean we have to obey them.

Anxiety doesn’t always mean “avoid.”

In fact, it may be your body telling you that something is wrong and must be investigated.

Maybe your intuition is trying to keep you from getting hurt.

Maybe deep down, you know something is off.

So yes, pay attention to that feeling.

And head right into it.

If you want to have those conversations but find yourself avoiding them, get in touch!

I can help because I worked through it myself. And guess what? It's much more enjoyable than you'd think.

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