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Pretty Woman Sucks

Updated: Jan 5

Pretty Woman Sucks

When I saw “Pretty Woman” in 1990, I thought it was the best thing since “Flashdance.”

What a romance!

💝 💝 💝

The main character was down-on-her-luck until a rich and powerful man came along and turned things around.

A modern-day fairy tale.

Instead of Cinderella leaving a life of chores and mean stepsisters, a prostitute traded in her come-fuck-me pumps for Louboutins.

👠 👠 👠

And many of us swooned and wished somebody would come into our lives and do the same for us.

And especially after a divorce, wouldn’t it be great if somebody came in and righted the ship?

Well, I’m not saying it’s bad to want things to get easier.

And it’s good to ask for help.

The problem is when you’re looking for a romantic partner to come to the rescue.

Because potential partners who have their shit together don’t want to rescue you (unless they’re a firefighter and you’re on fire).

🚒 🚒 🚒

Good partners want someone who also has their shit together for the most part.

(not perfection)

And good partners are attracted to people who are moving toward a goal.

People who are trying to better themselves.

Because good partners don’t have perfect lives either.

And they are looking for a partner, not someone who needs to be saved.

I call women looking for a partner to fix things a “Susie Save Me.”

Here's the test - do you want someone to right your ship OR are you on a pretty great cruise of a life and want a sidekick to amplify the joy?

🛳️ 🛳️ 🛳️

No worries if you’re a Susie. I used to be one too.

And I can help you right your ship.

Click here for a free session.

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