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One Reason Women Avoid First Dates

Updated: Jan 5

Sex Lies and Duplicity part 6

One thing many women don’t like to say is “no.”

Especially after a first or second date.

The idea that you’ll have to tell him you’re not a match seems horrifying.

It seems easier to avoid the whole first date thing.

Why is that?

Do you think he'll fall into a puddle of tears?

Or are you worried about looking like a bitch?


If so, patriarchal ideas have lodged themselves into your psyche.

Part of you thinks women should make sure men are happy.

Or do you think it’s not nice to cause disappointment?

(You may deny these thoughts like I used to.)

The problem is you doubt you can say “no.”

That means you need the skill of making a graceful exit.

And the skill of honoring your standards.

(And the skill of knowing when your brain is stewing in patriarchy. It’s not just you.)

Because going on first dates is a good idea when you want to end up in a relationship.

So first things first - let’s get you on some first dates!

Let’s chat. Feel free to sign up for a free consult on the home page.

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