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First Dates that Almost Didn’t Happen

Updated: Jan 5

First Dates that Almost Didn’t Happen

I have two friends.

Okay, I have more than two friends.

But these two are perfect examples of first dates that almost didn’t happen.

Let’s start with “Angie.”

She met a guy on a hike and thought he was too old.

And then she checked him out online.

Ew! His profile pic was an American flag.

He’s a conservative!!!!

😫 😫 😫

She voted for Bernie, so no effing way.

But she went on that first date.

And now two years later, they’re going strong.

And then there’s “Julia.”

Similar story.

A guy on wrote to her twice, asking for a date.

And this guy had an American flag pic in his dating bio.

“Just what I need…someone who voted for Trump.”

But she also went on that first date.

And they’ve been living in married bliss for the last three years.

Why am I telling you this?

Because often, we’re wrong.

And those prejudgments prevent us from finding someone wonderful.

And if you’d like help wading through dating sites and deciding who to date, book a free consult on the home page.

P.S. This is not a political post. I love the flag. And Trumpers and Sanderites.

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