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First Date Freakouts

Updated: Jan 5

First Date Freakouts

First dates.

Some women don’t want to go on them.

They’re super nervous.

And freaked.


Because they think it’s a big deal.

A really big deal.

They wonder “Is this gonna be the partner of my dreams?”

“Or, is this gonna be another loser?”

“Or, what if I spill red wine all over myself?”

“Or, what if they don’t like me?”

All thoughts about feeling disappointed.

In them.

Or in yourself.

You imagine so much is on the line.


But it’s not.

It’s simply a date.

A step in the process.

And yes, some of the dates may not be your cup of tea.

And you may spill something or end up talking with spinach in your teeth.

Think of it like any other process.

Like getting through school.

You took steps to get to graduation.

Some good days. Some shitty.

Same with the dating process.

You can do this just like all the other things you do.

But, if you need help, please book a free consult via the home page.

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