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Don’t Always Trust First Impressions

Updated: Jan 5

Don’t Always Trust First Impressions

That may be true.

But it’s not helpful to judge too quickly.

Like my friend Tina who’s been happily married for 30+ years.

When she met her husband, her immediate thought was “no way.”

All of us had gone to a U2 concert back in the 80s.

That’s where they met.

Apparently, he “was making funny faces” and Tina thought he looked like a nerdy kook.

But she agreed to a date with Mr. Kooky Nerd.

And the rest is history.

First impressions can be wrong.

Because sometimes people are really nervous, especially on first dates.

And some people take a little longer to open up and be vulnerable.

And some people really make funny faces when they sing at a concert!

But hang in there.

Attraction and love can grow as you get to know someone.

You don’t have to feel overwhelming sparks on the first date.

Often, that lusty feeling isn't an indication of a successful future.

So, consider going out for a second date (unless they show major red flags).

And if you need help figuring out who you should date, let’s chat.

P.S. That's a pic of me and my hubby - he often makes funny faces.

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