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Dating Apps: I’ll Give It A Try

Updated: Jan 5

Dating Apps: I’ll Give It A Try

“I’m in!”

You’re excited about dating.

So you create a dating profile and start dating.

But then, things change.

You’re not getting the results you wanted.

And then you think it’s not going to work.

It takes too much time.

And you’re not attracting the right men.

You say you’ve been giving it your best shot.

And then, I ask how many dates you’ve been on.

Your answer: “Five.”

😄 😄 😄

After my first divorce, I thought I’d find Mr. Fantastic lickety-split.

The truth was that I needed to be patient while working on myself along the way.

Wanting instant results is a clue that something else may be going on.

Perhaps you’re not willing to be patient enough to find a great relationship.

Or maybe you hope a new relationship will solve problems in your life, so it needs to happen now.

If that sounds like you, take a beat and slow down.

Because there’s a good chance it will take more than 5 dates to find your perfect partner. And there may be some other things going on too.

And I’m here to help you figure it out. Sign up for a free session on the home page.

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