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Dating App Red Flags

Updated: Jan 5

Dating App Red Flags

You’re on some dating sites.

And you’ve met some interesting folks online.

So you’re texting.


One guy you’ve been chatting with for weeks shows no signs of wanting to meet IRL.

You mentioned meeting for coffee and he changed the subject.

Another guy texts constantly and seems perturbed if you don’t reply within the hour.

And the third guy said “you seem pretty bossy” in one of his messages.

😧 😒 😧

How about NO.

Red flags.

Stop. Communicating. Immediately.

I once wasted too much time chatting with a man who used fake pics in his bio.

A phone conversation is fine, but make sure you see this person IRL.

You don’t want to be catfished or communicate with a cheater. And you don’t want to waste time chatting with a person who isn’t ready to date.

Another red flag is men who text but get butthurt when you don’t reply instantly.

No thanks, Mr. Demanding. Imagine what that would look like inside a relationship.

That said, another red flag is people who say unkind things via text or email.

Again, why waste time on a person who is already showing signs of being a dickbag?

I’m here to help you avoid dickbags. In fact, that’s my vocation. Head to the home page to book a free session.

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