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But I’ll Never Find A Keeper Like Keith Urban

Updated: Jan 6

But I’ll Never Find A Keeper Like Keith Urban

I love Keith Urban.

In fact, my hubby and I went to one of his concerts recently.

And a few years ago, hubby got to go backstage with me to meet him too.

Now, I feel joy when I see his shows.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Years ago, long before I worked in country radio, Keith was single.

Seeing him in concert felt like pain.

The pain of something I couldn’t have.

In my mind, Keith was my guy.

I’d always had big dreams, and marrying a great guy like him seemed like the most normal goal in the world.

But that’s not how my life was playing out.

And the idea of Keith was my escape into a fantasy world.

So when I saw him perform, I felt all that pain.

The dream of everlasting love, unrequited.

Then, I married this guy.

And everything changed.

I’d found my guy.

And KU concerts became joyful.

Keith was simply the man who performs songs that bring me joy.

He no longer represents what I can’t have.

I’m guessing you sometimes escape, mentally.

Maybe now that you’re divorced or single, you escape into a fantasy world where you meet a great guy.

You may live in your mind because you don’t think it can become reality.

You doubt you can find everlasting love.

You can.

You simply need the skill of attracting a keeper.

And then you won’t have to live in your fantasies anymore.

Let’s chat. Find a link to book a free consult on the home page.

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