Finding love under the best of circumstances can be challenging.

Finding love after a divorce can feel even more challenging.

We wonder:

  • Are there any good men left?​ 

  • What if nobody wants to date me?

  • What if I miss red flags?

  • Can anyone be trusted?

  • What if I have kids?

  • What do I do now?

dating and relationship coach

Dating and Relationship Coach


You're not alone!

I had many of the same worries!

  • So I developed new skills so I wouldn't end up making another serious mistake.

Skills like:

  • Deliberate Dating

  • Delightfully Attracting

  • Fearless Standard Setting

  • Dauntless Decision Making

  • Powerful Acknowledging


And to get these skills, take the first step.

  • Set up a free chat.

  • I'll tell you exactly what your main love life challenge is.

Couple coaching session

And best of all, it's risk free!

  • I offer a money-back guarantee.

  • If you're not satisfied at the end of the first month, I'll refund your money.

  • If you continue working with me, you can quit anytime.

elder happy couple divorce coaching

“Love After Divorce”
one-on-one coaching

For people who want to find everlasting love.

What do my clients say?

Dawn has been coaching me over the last several months and she is amazing!

She is so easy to talk to and trust. She helps me have a greater awareness of my thoughts and how they affect my experiences. The perspective that she offers in our coaching sessions is invaluable. I have greater clarity & direction as I make decisions for myself and my life.

Relationship coach

Misty T.

Couple in Therapy

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